YouTube Will Now Play Ads Before More Videos, But Creators Won't See a Dime


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Yeah was watching something on this yesterday. So basically if you have a YouTube channel and have not been accepted into the partner program or disabled monetization they are going to still plaster ads on your videos and you wont see a dime which is beyond screwed up and I suspect edging close to the illegal side especially if they do it in the middle of videos Seriously considering moving over to Bit Chute or one of the alt tech video sites as I dont really have any plans for monetizing and recording videos I make but YouTube is where the majority of the traffic is so who knows.
If you noticed Google was the one of the major sites that did not virtually attend the Senate hearings on the social media platforms which may or may not have been best for them because both Republican and Democrat Senators freaking destroyed Facebook and Twitter. Look for new regulations to come down on these sites in the future. Not sure I agree with the government getting involved in policing sites but these guys have to do a far better job of holding their employees in check when it comes to moderation and make sure they keep their own opinions out of the moderation process which is apparently not happening now.
It's a good watch if you are interested in the web and laws regarding it.
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